In the midst of a north Idaho winter, it might seem premature to think about summer plans for the kids. However, Alpha Training Center recommends that you do some early planning to ensure your child has an unforgettable and enriching experience this summer at the Alpha Kids Summer Camp! 

Our summer camp has earned a reputation for being one of the best summer camps for kids in the Post Falls area. It serves children going into Kindergarten up to going into 5th grade (ages 5 to 12) in the Post Falls area. It has become such a popular event that your children may miss out if you don’t register them early.  

Activities from A to Z

This is not your standard summer camp. While most summer camps offer many activities, you will find that Alpha’s camp is unparalleled in the variety of activities provided to children. These activities are intended not only to improve your child’s skills but also to introduce your child to a wide variety of healthful physical activities that can stimulate their interests and spur them on to a lifetime of pursuing fitness and health. 

Alpha Training Center is a premier martial arts facility, but our camp goes far beyond martial arts. It is the perfect blend of fun, fitness, and character-building activities; your child will cherish the experience for a lifetime. Here are some of the activities your child will experience at our 2024 summer camp:

Martial Arts: Confidence, Discipline, and Respect

We are proud to offer something unique when it comes to summer camp: we incorporate martial arts classes into our program. Imagine your child gaining confidence, discipline, and self-respect while learning essential self-defense skills. Our goal is to entertain and empower, as our classes help children gain confidence in knowing how to deal effectively with adverse situations. If they are new to martial arts, our courses will set them on a path toward earning a coveted black belt if they decide they want to pursue one.

Team Sports: Soccer, Basketball, and More!

The Alpha Kids summer camp offers a diverse range of team sports to keep your child engaged and active. From soccer and basketball to kickball and flag football, our program is designed to cater to every child’s interests and enhance their interpersonal and athletic skills through being a sports team member.

Awesome Dance and Tumbling Classes

Is your child a budding dancer or gymnast? The camp program includes dynamic dance and tumbling classes that enhance strength, coordination, and flexibility. Whether your child is a beginner or already has some experience, these classes are tailored to suit all skill levels.

Creativity Unleashed: Arts and Crafts Galore

Beyond physical activities, we believe in nurturing your child’s creative side. Our summer camp boasts a rich arts and crafts program featuring painting, drawing, 3D modeling, and exciting science experiments. Watch your child’s creativity flourish, all while having a blast in a secure, supportive, and encouraging environment.

More than a Camp: A Family

The Alpha kids summer camp is not designed to be a daycare or time-filler for parents whose K-5th kids are home from school for summer. This is all kid-focused: a place where children make friends, learn new skills, and develop their characters. When your children are at Alpha Kids Summer Camp, you can expect them to grow in confidence and ability, ready to face new challenges and unafraid to try new things. We strive to create a close-knit community where everyone is encouraged to build each other up, and children will gain the skills necessary to succeed in school, sports, and life. Our experienced coaches are rigorously vetted through a level-2 background check. They are committed to empowering and inspiring your child to be their best.

Easy Enrollment: Act Now!

Securing a spot in our summer camp is easy! Fill out one of the forms on our website, and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly. With our commitment to excellence and limited spots available, don’t wait too long—our summer camps tend to fill up quickly. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at (208) 644-8624.

Give your child the gift of a summer filled with growth, friendship, and fun at the Alpha Training Center’s Alpha Kids Summer Camp. Your child will experience a summer they’ll remember forever!

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