no gi jiu jitsu

At Alpha Training Center, experience world-class instruction in both Gi and No Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our No Gi sessions focus on unique techniques, emphasizing body movements over grips, welcoming individuals of all skill levels to join us in mastering this dynamic form of Submission Grappling.


  • Perfect your ground techniques with expert guidance, refining every move for precision and effectiveness.
  • Explore another path to competition, mastering No Gi jiu jitsu for a well-rounded competitive edge.
  • Discover new situational advantages, understanding diverse scenarios and gaining a strategic edge in any match.
  • Embrace calorie-burning workouts that simultaneously build lean muscle tone, achieving fitness goals while enhancing your grappling skills.

Class Schedule

12pm | Advanced NoGi

6-7:30pm | Advanced NoGi

6am | Advanced NoGi

7pm | Advanced No Gi



BJJ – Fundamentals: This is our beginner class. Fundamentals is the most important part of your journey and will get you ready for the most advanced classes. These classes will get you acquainted with all the basic positions and you will get to work with others that are also beginning their journey into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

BJJ – Advanced: Requirements: Three-stripe white belt or above. The Advanced classes is where your training is really going to take off. You’ll start putting the techniques from the Fundamentals Program into action, learn more combinations and more advanced techniques! This is the first big step in your progress as you will be getting the “training wheels” off, and start to put your hard work into practical application as you begin live training. 


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