It’s 2024, and as the new year unfolds, people enthusiastically tell themselves they will keep their New Year’s resolution to get in shape this year. The problem is that while many people can stick to those resolutions for a month or two, that river of enthusiasm may have dwindled to a thin, weak trickle or perhaps even dried up when March rolls around. 

So, how can you stick to your resolution this year? One effective way is to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Another way is to ensure that getting fit is enjoyable – something you look forward to eagerly rather than dread or find ways to avoid. This year, why not try out Alpha Training Center?

Let Alpha Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Alpha Training Center, with facilities in Post Falls and Rathdrum, is a martial arts training center with classes for adults, men, women, and children, covering every level from beginner to advanced. When you sign up for courses with Alpha, you take some of the burden off your shoulders to pull out those running shoes in the morning or get on that bicycle every evening. When your enthusiasm is high at the beginning of the year, sign up for a few months of classes. Now, all you have to do is show up and participate – you don’t have to muster up the self-discipline you would need if you created your own fitness program. We’ve got that covered.

The other benefit of martial arts classes is that you can almost immediately see the fitness benefits. When you start jogging, lifting weights, or doing other exercise routines, it often takes six or eight weeks to see a physical benefit. But martial arts is about learning a skill. You can see and feel your skills improve from lesson to lesson as you progress. You earn that feeling of accomplishment that is so important to keeping motivated through positive feedback. You may not lose a pound or see muscle definition right away, but you will perceive that, with each class, you know more and can do more than you did the day before.

The Fitness Potential of Martial Arts Classes

Where most people think of “getting in shape” as joining a generic fitness gym, martial arts is different. You are not just exercising for the sake of exercising. You are exercising in pursuit of a goal to improve your fitness as well as develop self-defense and fighting abilities. You may never need to use these skills other than in a recreational setting, but knowing that you are also self-sufficient and capable of handling yourself in a difficult situation is a great feeling. The benefits of martial arts training are useful as well as healthful.

Martial arts training embodies a holistic fitness experience, delivering advantages that transcend conventional workout routines. Even those in good physical condition can benefit physically from martial arts training. At Alpha, you will find a community of people like you who have dedicated themselves to achieving higher levels of fitness, self-discipline, and confidence. 

Alpha offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, kickboxing, and submission grappling for adults and children at all levels. Vigorous disciplines such as these can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, rendering them highly effective for weight management and overall fitness. Below are some fitness benefits you can obtain from taking regular classes at Alpha Training Center:

  • Elevate Cardiovascular Health: Martial arts, particularly those entailing grappling maneuvers like BJJ, seamlessly meld anaerobic and aerobic exercises, promoting cardiovascular health. 
  • Enhance Stamina: The anaerobic nature inherent in specific martial arts cultivates enhanced lung capacity and fortifies respiratory muscles, resulting in heightened stamina.
  • Amplify Muscle Strength: Disciplines rooted in grappling, such as BJJ, necessitate full-body engagement, sculpting muscle strength, and enduring power for every muscle group, not just isolated muscles. This comprehensive workout contributes to a more robust physique overall without having to track tedious workout records.
  • Fortify Bone Density: The impact of strikes in martial arts, exemplified in disciplines like Muay Thai, propels bone adaptation and heightened density. Strong bones mitigate the risk of fractures as you age. 
  • Augment Flexibility: Both striking and grappling-centric martial arts demand superior flexibility, expanding your range of motion and diminishing your susceptibility to injuries.
  • Increase Balance and Coordination: Martial arts training refines coordination and balance, diminishing the probability of falling and sustaining injuries from falls.
  • Promote Mental Well-Being: One benefit often overlooked is the mental well-being promoted by martial arts. The discipline needed to learn martial arts instills focus, concentration, confidence, and self-control.
  • Improve Sleep Quality: Endorphin release during martial arts training induces relaxation, reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality.
  • Foster a Healthier Lifestyle: As you train, you will pay more attention to your overall health, encouraging better choices in your diet and recreational activities. 

Martial Arts For Fun and Fitness

As mentioned above, one reason people give up on their New Year’s resolutions is that getting in shape is not always fun. But martial arts training is entirely different. For one thing, it is always communal – you get to interact with your instructors and other members of your classes, and you will make friends at Alpha. You will look forward to classes, and your 60- or 90-minute classes will be filled with activity from beginning to end – no waiting or wandering around wondering what machine you should try or how to use some new piece of fitness equipment.

If you want to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolution this year, don’t keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work. Come out of your shell, try something entirely new, and contemplate the transformative potential of martial arts with Alpha Training Center. 

For a limited time, we are offering a 30-day free trial so you can find out if this is the avenue for you. Whether your goals involve physical fortitude, mental resilience, or a vibrant community, martial arts offers an all-encompassing and dynamic approach to realizing and sustaining your fitness resolutions. Call Alpha Training Center today.

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